I. Source code

01.) Content source code from C ++, Java, JavaScript, Pascal and Delphi are displayed. The focus is on examples from mathematics.

02.) The prerequisite for using the source code is a compiler or a development environment of the programming language concerned.

II. Privacy and Cookies

01.) This website is using cookies but it doesn't collect any anonymous or personally identifiable information of the users.

02.) Cookies are small text files that can be stored on your own device when you visit a website.

03.) A cookie contains the name of the domain of origin, the period of validity of the cookie, and a randomly generated unique number.

04.) Cookies themselves are anonymous and contain no personal information.

05.) Personal data is information which users make about themselves in forms or by e-mail.

06.) There is no need to fill out forms with the purpose of factual information on this website.

07.) Informations sent by e-mail will be deleted after about one month.

III. General and legal information

01.) You may change the displayed source codes. Especially when it's private.

02.) The website typundzahl.de is regularly revised. Thus, changes can also occur later.

03.) Despite all thoroughness, flawlessness can not be guaranteed. Therefore, I am very grateful for any hints to errors under info@typundzahl.de

IV. Disclaimer

01.) The contents and the accuracy of linked sites do not have to be adhered to.

02.) The source codes on this page have been tested many times. Taking into account the requested data type, these work perfectly.

03.) A liability for incorrect or oversized entries is not accepted. The latter concerns quantitative exaggerated entries, provided that the quantity was not limited by condition.

04.) For subsequently changed source codes, no liability can be accepted. These then no longer represent the present form and have left the sphere of activity of typundzahl.de

V. Responsibility

01.) The sole author and publisher is Mathias Bleher in Ismaning. The responsibility includes:

02.) All conceptual, technical, content and design activities of typundzahl.de in its first and continued publication.

03.) This means specifically the didactic concept and the creation of the source code, the programming with C++, Java, JavaScript and Delphi. In addition, the creation of graphics.

04.) The creation with calculation and solution of the tasks in mathematics together with the accompanying texts and pictures.

05.) The website as a whole. Editing in HTML and CSS as well as the programming of the scripts.

06.) The archtitecture and hosting of the website and the selection of external links.

07.) The translations from German to English are based on google's translator.

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